How to cope with tension?

How to cope with tension?

In order to go fast get fast, work fast, finish fast, cook fast, digest fast and so on, the speed of life has gone on top gear and possibilities of wrong doings have increased alarmingly. How to cope with tension?
In order to go fast get fast, work fast, finish fast, cook fast, digest fast and so on, the speed of life has gone on top gear and possibilities of wrong doings have increased alarmingly. Due to increased speed of thoughts, the mind of man is constantly irritated and intellect seems tired, his face appears disappointed, confused and perplexed. This type of situation is called ‘tension’.

Result of tension
The abrupt entry of jumble thoughts in the mind affects the entire system of the human being, both physically and mentally. Initially the mind gets tired and the intellect loses the power of decision making. Loose motion, constipation, intestinal ulceration, peptic ulcer, headache, brain haemorrhage, heart pain, loss of appetite, and sleep are common symptoms of tension.

Causes of tension
There can be various minor or major day-to-day reasons for generating tension in one’s mind. It may rise due to hot exchange of words between husband and wife at home, children not good in studies, neighbour’s jealousy, travel in packed buses/trains, behaviour of fellow beings at work, subordinates making success always a prestige issue etc.
Remedies to reduce tension
Tension can only be reduced if the speed of thoughts is lowered down by a meditation technique. There are a few concepts given below on which if we churn, we are confident the gravity of tension can certainly be reduced to a great extent.

Don’t blame others
Generally we blame others for our stress of mind. For example, a mother-in-law blames her daughter-in-law, and the daughter-in-law will also say that the cause of her tension is her mother-in-law. Similarly, parents blame their children, and the children blame their parents, public blames the leader and the leader blames the public, master blames the servant and the servant blames his master and so on. When we consider that the cause of our tension is the other person, then the control shifts to the hands of the third person. In fact, if we think about peace, happiness and relaxation even in the midst of a stressful situation, we can definitely reduce the tension and experience a positive state of mind.

Search advantage in every event
Whatever happens in our life that always benefits us directly or indirectly. But it depends on us how we find the benefit out of each event. By knowing this technique we can remain stable in critical situations.

All days are not equal
We should think that time is the best healer. Neither good nor bad days remain stable. Days convert into nights. Everyday is subject to change. Bad days shall also change into good days. The problems or the critical situation shall also pass through soon.

Positive attitude
If we adopt positive attitude even in small matters and learn to see the brighter side of the things, we can relax and reduce the tension. For example, while your wife is bringing tea, the tea spills out and you start abusing her, an atmosphere of tension will be created. On the contrary, if you help her to wash the floor, the tension will be ejected.

Accept the situation
Do not make a prestige issue of any matter. Also, do not become time conscious. Keep distance in your programme plan. Whatever is to happen, that will happen and that, which shall not happen, will never happen.

Generally people criticise only those who are doing some progress in their field. If someone criticises us, we should think that we have progressed. Our critics are doing the job of pinpointing our mistakes without taking any fees.

Your are an actor
Even if we have come down to a miserable stage, we should think that it is an allotted part of the huge drama. Just as a super cine star while acting as a beggar or a coolie knows that he is actually a famous star but acting like a beggar. We are also originally souls, sons of Supreme Soul, and the ocean of peace, power and purity.

You are a guest
A guest tolerates minor difficulties at the host’s house. He does not claim that house or furniture as his own. A guest always thinks to go back home soon. Similarly, we are all guests here on this planet and we are to go back to our sweet home of silence where no physical matter can be taken. Then why store unnecessary material or money here? Reducing desires will reduce our tension.

Some important hints to remember
Accept the things that cannot be changed. Don’t waste time and energy in running after. Learn to say ‘No’ when necessary and don’t feel guilty for saying so.

Accept the fact that you are not indispensable. In fact, no one in this world is indispensable.

Make cordial relations with all at workplace. Try to reduce your critics.

If your life has become problematic, change place.

Laugh freely at least 4-5 times a day, daily.

If something or someone disturbs you, think that your past account is being settled.

Help others listen to their problems. You will find that there are more sufferers than you in this world.

Discuss your problems with one for whom you have faith, respect and confidence.

Feel that God is with you to help you at any time, anywhere.

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