Remedies for balancing Vatta


To alleviate aggravated Vatta, consuming substances opposite in nature to Vatta, is recommended.

One should eat warm, oily, dense and heavy food items. The food should be cooked and eaten in a peaceful environment avoiding all kinds of stimulations.

Food that is sweet, sour or salty in taste is also beneficial.

Foods may include most fresh fruits, pasta, rice, dairy products, avocado, sweet foods and lots of fluids (especially warm drinks). Salads should have a creamy or oily dressing.

Oil massage and steaming, as well as detoxification of the colon (the main location of Vatta) are also beneficial to balance disturbed vatta.


  • Too much traveling.
  • Watching TV for long hours.
  • Working on computer for long hours.
  • Stimulating activities should be avoided.